A scene from Well of Furies.

“Gowgoroup!” Bria shouted, letting the gun bounce the transmission on.

“Sussurat,” a gurgling reply came.  Wind howled in the background, so Bria assumed the naked slug did not have implants, but had brought a transmitter with it.  It may well have planted such a transmitter on the steps, calling Kriani here.

“Why betray us?”  Bria said.  “Homeworld Onus will suffer.  Surrender now.  Tell us what know.  Then we can save Onus.”

The slugs made wet, slapping sounds.  Bria wondered whether it were derision.  Or laughter.  “You see so little, with your eyes buried in your head, unable to stretch your gazes and see around you,” the leader slug gurgled.  “You have only a single brain, trapped in a skull bone.  It cannot grow.  You cannot learn new truths.  I tell you:  I huddle with the victors.  As do many.  There are followers of the Ulltrians in every race now.”

“Not among Sussurats.”

“No.  Not among Sussurats.  Stupid Sussurats never lift up their eyes.  Stupid Sussurats do not understand that all species, all life trees must destroy or be destroyed.”

“Last chance,” Bria said.  “Return, confess, we help Onus.”

“Sussurat!” the OnUnAn spat.  “Stupid carnivore!  You look at Galactics and wish we were all meat!”

“OnUnAn,” Bria said.  “Detritovore.  You look at Galaxy and wish it were all shit.”

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