Free Fiction

Free Reads

“RedKing” in Lightspeed.

     Delusions for sale. Would you buy?

“Sojourner” in Analog SF.

     The sequel to “RedKing.”

“Cantor’s Dragon” in Shimmer.


“A Purple Heart” in Flash Fiction Online

     The terrible cost of insurance….

Well of Furies

     Start on an epic adventure.

Free Listens

“Ulissa” at Escape Pod.

     Pirates.  Machines.  Exponential inequality.

“Saurs” in Cast of Wonders.

     What do the bones want to say?

“RedKing” at Lightspeed

     Read by Stefan Rudnicki.

“Asteroid Monte” at Escape Pod

     This story introduced the Predator Space universe, and it received a fantastic reading by the multi-talented Rajan Khana.

“Nihil Est” at Wily Writers

     I write the occasional horror story as Fosco Graves. Here is some ontological terror.

“Seven Songs of Trilobite Survival” in Starship Sofa

     An admittedly weird flash fiction about trilobites. But who doesn’t like trilobites?