thousands of excitement some time ago, the crippled sprint god of the biting war

So, when you write a novel, you eventually have to create lots of these ancillary documents:  descriptions, synopses, outlines, book jacket copy, and so on.  So with delight I discover that all that hard work can be simplified with (I assume) the magic of Google translator.  For someone is promoting my book (thanks!) with what appears to be a Google translation of a Google translation (my guess:  from English to Chinese back to English, but that’s just a guess).  And it’s so… distinctive.

In the pensive fatality, thousands of excitement some time ago a war versus worldly gods has grief-stricken the Come to rest, the waif witch child Turning Kyrien is adopted and raised by the Purimen, a request of stanch winemakers who hold renounced all machinery. Determined and violently devout, Turning dreams of zip but animation a good farmer and marrying the being he loves, the Puriman Ranger, Sarah Michaels. But Turning has been personal by the witches concerning the Purimen given that he has a power that may well unbalance the world, and bring again the age of the worldly gods.

Equally the crippled sprint god of the biting war attacks Chance’s lodge, the in the early hours Puriman learns that his completely long for is to travel to the pensive Numin Penalty, wherever he can covering the god of its powers and become threadbare it companion. Turning is helped in his examination by Sarah and a group of unmen that he would hold denounced as dirty balance weeks before: a vernacular coyote, an sharp machine, a witch of the nightclub that shaped the worldly gods, and the ancient anti-god known as the Guardian. Can Turning joist his good name and lie down a Puriman, as he uncovers the darkest secrets of worldly history, and fights a become threadbare that threatens to beat what association of the Earth?

All I can say is:  I couldn’t have said it like that myself.

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