Spend your Bitcoins on Science Fiction

What else you gonna do with them?

Evolution Commandos:  Well of Furies and The Dark Forward are both now available, in their ePub versions, for purchase with Bitcoins.  This might be temporary, since the digital content provider has a time clock on the rate of sales.  So buy now, before your Bitcoins turn into Beenie Babies.Bitcoin


2 Replies to “Spend your Bitcoins on Science Fiction”

  1. I spent my Pay Pals on the 2. A terrific ride. I’ll consume all the electrons of your books Amazon will push to me. Too bad there not a Paypal beer button.

    1. Thanks, Tony. I’m busy at work on PSC3, so hopefully you’ll like that too.

      If you make the PayPal beer button business I’ll invest. (Quick, you better start by trademarking that: BeerButton(TM).)


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