Seems like hows regularly folk talk

Hayden Trenholm told me about this favorable review in Quill & Quire, by Corey Redekop, of the collection Strange Bedfellows.

The book closes on two high points. Nebula Award–winning author Katherine Sparrow’s “Why Lily Left” is a melancholy, horrifying glimpse into an anti-civilization mindset. “Amateur Night at the Global Mart,” Craig DeLancey’s technobabble-laden entry (“genemod symbiot lichen” being a prime example), is activist-oriented speculative fiction as strong as anything Cory Doctorow has produced.

Of course I appreciate the praise and the comparison to the very talented Cory Doctorow, but the thing that amuses me is, I thought “genemod symbiot lichen” sounded like clear, workaday speech!  Is that a sign of SF-induced conceptual corruption?


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  1. I didn’t mean to imply that the term wasn’t valid, just that it’s technobabble that will go above most people’s heads. Like myself.

    1. Don’t give up so easily! I only meant to poke fun at myself. It’s technobabbly, I confess.

      I have Shelf Monkey on my Kindle, languishing (some kind of irony there perhaps?) but am eager to get to it after I finish the other seventeen books I started. In September, I’m confident. Or October. Ish.


  2. Hey, no hurry. Like most first novels, I’m a little embarrassed by it. As long as you’ve paid for it, that’s the main thing.

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