Predator Space Chronicles, complete

My science fiction series The Predator Space Chronicles is now complete. I sought to write optimistic science fiction that was biocentric without being dreary and defeatist. I defy dystopia.

I was sad to finish the seventh and last book, and say goodbye to Tarkos and Bria, but a new series (Predator Academy) is forthcoming.

The first of The Predator Space Chronicles is free:

You can find the books at digital bookstores around the world. Here are a few of them:
Amazon USA
Barnes & Nobles

Gardner Dozois

It is sad to learn that Gardner Dozois has left us.  I did not know him personally; the sum of my interaction with him was the exchange of some emails when he took my story “RedKing” for one of his recent Year’s Best anthologies.  But all my life his work in science fiction has been a powerful influence.  I read Asimov’s when he edited the magazine (and after, of course), followed closely  his many anthologies, and I admired his fiction.  He worked ceaselessly to support science fiction as literature.


Earth Day, thoughout the galaxy

Given that it’s Earth Day, I’m going to spend the afternoon working on the next installment of my environmentalist space opera series, the Predator Space Chronicles.

The Predator Corp are pledged to defend and spread life throughout the Galaxy.  Not all sentient beings agree with that mission.  War is coming.

Volume 6 is called Question Zero.  Out before the summer!  Sign up for my email list if you want to receive the publication announcement.


Omega Threshold

Both volumes of Omega Threshold are now available!

They’re available at all your favorite ebookstores.  Here are universal links to find them:



1. Well of Furies
2. World Hammer
3. Ice Sky Storm
Collected together in Evolution Commandos

4. Earthrise
5. Earthfall
Collected together in Omega Threshold

6. Question Zero
7. One Human
Collected together in World Scar