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Gods of Earth

Thousands of years after a war against the gods drove humanity nearly extinct, something divine stirs. It awakens the Guardian, an ancient being pledged to destroy the gods—a task it believes long-accomplished. Through deep caverns, he makes his way to the desolate surface of Earth and stalks toward the last human settlements, seeking the source of this strange power.

Far away, the orphan witch child Chance Kyrien is turning seventeen: today he will be confirmed as a Puriman and learn what stake in the family’s vineyard his adopted father will give him. Ambitious, rebellious, but fiercely devout, Chance dreams only of being a farmer and winemaker, and marrying the girl he loves, the Puriman Ranger Sarah Michaels.

But a shocking cataclysm of violence and destruction turns Chance’s peaceful world upside down. Aided by his loyal friends and the Guardian, Chance must travel through time and space to battle the last remaining god. For the destinies of Chance and this final deity are fatally intertwined, and only one of them can survive.

“Craig DeLancey has created an astonishing, genuinely original fantasy world of exciting action and thought-provoking questions.”
– Hugo and Nebula award-winning author Nancy Kress