Gods of Earth forthcoming on 47North

My novel Gods of Earth is coming out on 47North Press.  Look for the ebook very soon, the trade paper late in the summer, and the audiobook shortly thereafter.

I spent a few years writing Gods of Earth, and it has a lot of me in it.  I’m glad to see it find a nice home.  It’s an adventure full of philosophy and history and rich characters.  I think people will appreciate the detail, strangeness, and coherence of the world it portrays.  Look for it!

Here’s a description of the book:

A boy must fight gods. And only one girl can save him.

In the distant future, thousands of years after a war against human gods has devastated the Earth, the orphan witch child Chance Kyrien is adopted and raised by the Purimen, a sect of religious winemakers who have renounced all technology. Ambitious and fiercely devout, Chance dreams of nothing but being a good farmer and marrying the woman he loves, the Puriman Ranger, Sarah Michaels. But Chance has been hidden by the witches among the Purimen because he has a power that could change the world, and bring again the age of the human gods. When the crippled last god of the great war attacks Chance’s family, the young Puriman learns that his only hope is to travel to the distant Numin Well, where he can strip the god of its powers and battle it alone. Chance is helped in his quest by Sarah and a group of unmen that he would have denounced as impure just weeks before: a talking coyote, an intelligent machine, a witch of the guild that created the human gods, and the ancient anti-god known as the Guardian.

Can Sarah keep Chance safe long enough to let him fight a god? And can Chance keep his faith and remain a Puriman, as he uncovers the darkest secrets of human history, and fights a battle that threatens to destroy what remains of the Earth?

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