Fringe Festival: The 24 Hour Plays


I will be doing the 24 Hour Plays tomorrow.  Wish me luck; it’s sort of an Iron Man for writers.  Shows will be Monday 18 September at 7 and 9 pm at Writers & Books.

Free reading of B-19, February 21st at 7:00 p.m. at Writers & Books

Writer’s & Books is going to do a reading of my play B-19.  The play is based on a true story of an experiment meant to “cure” homosexuality by sinking wires into the pleasure centers of one man’s brain to directly cause positive associations with heterosexuality.  It’s a story of forgotten history and unexpected consequences.

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Writers & Books presents

B – 19 by Craig DeLancey

Directed by Jean Gordon Ryon

Writers & Books

cordially invites you to attend

A Staged Reading of a New Work

Please join us for a staged reading of a new play by Craig DeLancey directed by Jean Gordon Ryon. Actors will perform the play with books in hand, and the playwright will be present for discussion and questions.

Saturday February 21, 2015


Writers & Books
740 University Ave.

Ask not….

I was pleased to learn that my 10-minute play, “Ask Not for Whom the Post is Liked” received a Judges Third Place this week in the Sydney Short & Sweet Festival.  Wish I coulda been there.


Rochester Fringe Festival & The 24 Hour Plays

Many years ago, I had the pleasure of attending the Edinburgh Fringe Festival a few times while it was just starting to get big.  Nice deal: we have our own Fringe Festival in Rochester now. Hopefully it will grow also.

Tonight I saw Greg Kotis’s “All Your Questions Answered” at Geva.  A crazy fourth-wall-demolished delight.

137545764213QuestionsVerticalTomorrow (September 22), I get locked into a room to write a play overnight, that will then be performed that evening (September 23).  That is, I’ll be one of the playwright victims of The 24 Hour Plays.  So if you live nearby and are out and about Monday night, come see what I and other playwrights managed to create while sleep deprived.  It’ll be at W&B at 7:00 p.m.  Tickets available at the door or online.

No City New York — and a good cause

Writers & Books is doing a reading of one of my plays — a new work, called NO CITY NEW YORK — this Saturday June 15. It’s a fundraiser, so the money goes to the good cause of supporting WAB and therefore literature (so I feel guilt-free plugging it here). The cast is fantastic, also.  You can read more at W&B’s website.