Sidewhens. Sidewhens Trilogy book 1

The first book of the Sidewhens Trilogy will be available starting February 5, 2021.

Physicist Ursula Song studies time—and hers has just run out.

One by one, her colleagues and friends are disappearing. Rival mercenaries are hunting her. And strange people follow her wherever she goes. Because Song has opened a door into a new kind of time, and whoever controls her invention will control the destiny of the human race.

Sidewhens is a stand alone novel, but it is also the first book of the Sidewhens Trilogy.

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Some free fiction

Some free fiction! My story “Sojourner” is a finalist for the 2019 Analog Science Fiction Anlab award for short story. All finalist stories have been made freely available to the public. A link to “Sojourner” is

And, since “Sojourner” is a sequel to my story “RedKing,” here is a link to that story if you want to read them in order:

The centenary of an idiocy

One hundred years ago today the New York Times published an editorial mocking American rocket pioneer, John Goddard. With a cheap ad hominem attack, they feigned incredulity that the Smithsonian would support Goddard’s research:

If they had called Einstein, he could have explained to them that F=ma.

The mockery continued and stretched to include Jules Verne:

All this strikes me as worth remembering because last year, on the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11, the Times produced similarly dismal coverage of that sublime mission. They took one of our greatest accomplishments and portrayed it as a vast moral failing. It was like something out of Nietzsche’s Genealogy; in its way, it was a masterful inversion of values. Competency became bigotry, purpose became bias, accomplishment became failure. It is hopeful and healthy to remind ourselves that some day it will be obvious that this perspective was all oikophobia, or at best, ressentiment.