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“Asteroid Monte,” which first appeared in Analog, and is soon appearing in Russian in the magazine Esli, is now available as a free podcast download at Escape Pod.  Reader Rajan Khanna did a fantastic job switching from Sussuratian to Irish to Aussie accents — and, heroically, pronouncing “Briaathursiasaliantiormethessess.”  Check it out at:

This is GOFSO (Good Old Fashioned Space Opera) with an ecological twist.  The world first appeared in a story in Analog called “Demand Ecology,” and reappeared in Analog in the story “The Cold Star Sky,” but “Asteroid Monte” is the first story with these two characters.  I have several other stories, and several novels, in the pipeline about these characters.  I refer to the world as Predator Space.


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  1. I did a marathon listening to Escape Pod recently and far and away this story was my favorite. I plan on buying the dark forward soon, but do you have anything else out there?

    Much love and respect,

    1. Edward,

      Thanks much. I’m working busily on additional stories with Tarkos and Bria, and also am far into drafts of a series of novels featuring the pair. If you like, I’ll send you new stuff as it becomes available. The darn thing is that writing and then publishing take so long!

      As for other stuff: I’ve a few dozen short stories published. Some are available on the web, like “A Purple Heart” or I’m giving away “Openshot” — here’s a pdf of it, and if I can get off my dufus I’ll post a free Kindle version also in the next few weeks.

      Also, within the next 6 weeks or so, my novel GODS OF EARTH will be available on Kindle. This is a very far future science fiction novel. I’m excited about it. It’s described below.

      But, as I said, more Bria and Tarkos are forthcoming, and I’ll keep you posted.

      Thanks again.



      Gods of Earth takes place in the distant future, thousands of years after a war against human gods has devastated the Earth. The orphan witch child Chance Kyrien is adopted and raised by the Purimen, a sect of religious winemakers who have renounced all technology. Ambitious and fiercely devout, Chance dreams of nothing but being a good farmer and marrying the woman he loves, the Puriman Ranger, Sarah Michaels. But on his seventeenth birthday, when Chance is to be confirmed as a Puriman and inherit his vineyard, Hexus, the crippled last god of the great war, attacks Chance’s home and kills his parents, seeking to seize Chance. For Chance has been hidden by the witches among the Purimen because he is a Potentiate, a human who has the genetic potential to become a god. Hexus hopes to steal Chance’s body for his own. Chance escapes with the help of the Guardian, an ancient being pledged to fight the gods. The young Puriman learns that he must travel to the distant Numin Well, where he can strip the god of its powers and battle it alone. He is helped in his quest by Sarah, the Guardian, and a group of unmen that Chance would have denounced as impure just weeks before: a talking coyote, an intelligent machine, and a woman as much tiger as human. Can Chance keep his faith and remain a Puriman, as he uncovers the darkest secrets of human history, and fights a battle that threatens to destroy what remains of the Earth?

  2. I also just listened to this on Escape Pod and loved the characters and more importantly the world. I can’t wait for more of them as well.
    Thank you for the great story!

    1. Sorry for the delay — I’ve been out of town giving a talk.

      Thanks, Keith, I appreciate it. I’m hoping this summer to finish the first novels with Tarkos and Bria. Perhaps you’d be interested in seeing the beta version?

  3. From all the stories I’ve heard on Escape Pod, yours is on my top 3 and probably is the only one that I really look for more stuff in the same universe. Predator Space has a nice ring.

    Please, if you can, subscribe me to your updates list. I would like to be notified when Tarkos and Bria are back hunting for mischief.

    1. Thanks very much, Andre. I appreciate it. I hope to have more Predator Space work to share by the end of the summer. I’ll keep you posted.

      == Craig

  4. I listened to this story on Escape Pod last night and it immediately grabbed me. I just finished reading Alice is Three and Openshot on my way into work. I’m looking forward to reading more Predator Space stories.

  5. Aaron, Thanks so very much! Much more Predator Space material is coming soon. I’m just struggling a bit with how best to put it out there, and in what order, and so on. I might call on your advice later, as I get closer to launching novels.

    Thanks again.


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