Spend your Bitcoins on Science Fiction

What else you gonna do with them?

Evolution Commandos:  Well of Furies and The Dark Forward are both now available, in their ePub versions, for purchase with Bitcoins.  This might be temporary, since the digital content provider has a time clock on the rate of sales.  So buy now, before your Bitcoins turn into Beenie Babies.Bitcoin


Wandering worlds finally arrive

It took 9 months longer than I planned, but I finished Evolution Commandos:  World Hammer.  This is the second of my Tarkos and Bria books, and I intend to write at least 7 more of them.  They are quite different from Gods of Earth (which is more broodingly numinous) or my short stories (which are mostly near future hard SF).  These books (which I call the Predator Space Chronicles) are optimistic, straight up, unabashed space opera, but with a green theme:  the protagonists belong to a special elite force that protects ecosystems.

Evolution Commandos: World Hammer

The books are available on Kindle, Nook, or Kobo.  A paperback version will be available this summer, when the three Evolution Commandos books will be combined into one huge novel.

I tell people considering buying one of the PSC books to start by listening to “Asteroid Monte,” on Escape Pod.  It gives a sense of the world and protagonists.



Strange Bedfellows!

I have a story in the forthcoming collection, STRANGE BEDFELLOWS.  I just saw the cover, which I think is great, don’t you?


And with a blurb from the great David Brin!  It doesn’t get much better than that.

Hayden is a talented editor.  I appreciated his help, and you’ll appreciate his selections. I’m confident anyone interested in SF or politics (and who isn’t interested in one or the other?) will love these stories.  Not to mention, Bundoran is a small press that is keeping SF vibrant.

Teaching SF&F at Writers & Books

I’ll be teaching a class at Writers & Books on Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy this winter, Thursday nights from January 16 to March 6.  Hoping to get a substantial group of local writers to join up so we can have a fruitful workshop.  Sign up, if you are nearby.

(As per tradition now, they use this Crucible cover close-up for the SF&F class announcement.  It’s a good tradition since Nancy Kress taught this class at W&B, once upon a time.)

Must read

So I read Eggers’s The Circle.  It is our time’s Brave New World.  It insidiously takes you step by step — where each step seems reasonable, if not inevitable — from a situation essentially indistinguishable from our own to a terrifying dystopia.

713B9OMXmoL._SL1500_It also makes a interesting pairing with Jaron Lanier’s Who Owns the Future.  The two books together constitute an ominous and convincing warning.