Omega Threshold

Both volumes of Omega Threshold are now available!

They’re available at all your favorite ebookstores.  Here are universal links to find them:



1. Well of Furies
2. World Hammer
3. Ice Sky Storm
Collected together in Evolution Commandos

4. Earthrise
5. Earthfall
Collected together in Omega Threshold

6. Question Zero
7. One Human
Collected together in World Scar


A shout out to Spectacle, an SF magazine that is launching now and includes my story “Ingredients” in Issue #1.  I’ve always thought:  we need an SF magazine that’s like Galaxy colliding with the Paris Review colliding with a pile of really good comics.  And here someone has done it!

Support them!  I’m sure you’ll love it, and get good SF and nonfic and art all in one place.  You can subscribe at:


Update.  I just learned Spectacle decided to put my story “Ingredients” up on the home page.  You can read it for free here:


The best of us

I learned just this minute that Ursula Le Guin has passed.  Literature feels smaller now.

She was the best of us.  She was everything I aspired to be as a writer.  Her book The Dispossessed taught me that science fiction could be great and dangerous literature.

Fringe Festival: The 24 Hour Plays


I will be doing the 24 Hour Plays tomorrow.  Wish me luck; it’s sort of an Iron Man for writers.  Shows will be Monday 18 September at 7 and 9 pm at Writers & Books.

71% Eclipse…

My daughter took this, at the peak coverage for Upstate New York, using a Nikon and shot through my Celestron 6se using a heavy sun filter.